We are very sorry to inform you, that WatchNote for Pebble is no more supported by its delevopers.
Thank you for your understanding.

WatchNote for Pebble

All of your notes accessible by just looking at your wrist.

Get WatchNote now!

Cherie Williams Pebble Team

Our team at Pebble is very excited about your WatchNote app, Eric Migicovsky himself is a very big/vocal fan.

Chris Traganos Evernote

We just ran a hackathon with Pebble and a bunch of devs told us about WatchNote, it's a great use case and you've done a great job!

Jonathan LaRocque Play Store

Exactly what I was looking for. This is a fantastic app. I was looking for something just like this. No more fumbling in my pocket for my phone to check my grocery list.

Harry Teicher Pebble Forums

A great success for technology, and a perfect example of what the Pebble can be used for! Kudos to the dedicated developers who give us apps like iSmoothrun, Watchnote and Smartwatch Pro and allow the Pebble to reach its potential!